Tour of DC!

For those of you that were not in attendance for last week's meeting (9/19), I'll recap for you what we did.

About 25 of us went on a tour of Gay DC. We started on Howard's campus, and walked up Florida Ave. towards U Street. We viewed the club "Town" and Nellie's Bar. While continuing to walk up Florida Ave. we also viewed the Bohemian Cavern, and the store (gay-friendly) next to it. We made a pit-stop at Maggie Moos and then went by Busboys and Poets. While walking towards Dupont Circle we saw Annie's (24 hour) Steakhouse. Then, when we got to Dupont Circle we went to Lambda Rising, the HRC Store, the Pleasure Palace, the Leather Rack, and then ended with dinner. The tour started at 6pm and we ended at 9.

We plan on doing another tour (in the near future) for those of you who didn't get the chance to come this time.
This week (9/26) we will be meeting at 7pm in Blackburn, but in Rm. 142.

Any questions, comments, or concerns please comment on the blog or email us at .

Peace & Love,
Lauren Morris
Chair of Diversity, Education, & Art

The Dawn of A New Era

Yes, I got the title from the Lion King. But that's besides the point.


Yes, I know that there have already been two BLAGOSAH meetings and that this blog should've been up and running right after the 1st meeting, but life is hectic. Anyway, since this is an introductory blog it will be kept short. If you haven't been to a meeting I'll introduce the Executive Board for you so that you're not so lost when you attend the next meeting.

Amari Ice - "President;" Chair of Social Networking
Andre Rosario - "Vice President;" Chair of Community Service/Outreach, Politics, & Social Awareness
Lauren Morris - "Secretary;" Chair of Diversity, Education, & Art
Taja Nelson - "Historian;" Chair of Health & Support
Da'monique Sonnier - "Treasurer;" Chair of Publicity

Our e-mail is and our mailing address is:

2397 6th St. NW
Suite 117, Box 134
Washington, DC 20059

Our advisor is Mrs. McCleod, and our spiritual support comes from Rev. Malcolm Frazier (United Methodist).

We have a lot of upcoming events, and this blog is in place to keep you updated on those events and other news that occurs with BLAGOSAH.

For the month of September:
--September 19th - Tour of Gay DC: We're meeting in room 148/150 at 5:30pm and are departing PROMPTLY at 6pm. Bring money for shopping and food (our final destination is the restaurant/bookstore, Bus Boys and Poets).We'll return to campus by 10:30.

--September 26th - Open Mic Night: Bring all your talents; your song, dance, monologue, poetic inspiration, and random expression is welcome. This event will begin at 7pm in room 148/150.

October's events will be posted when we draw nearer to October.

Dues are $15 per semester. You can pay them at the next meeting or whenever you see Da'Monique, Amari, or Lauren on campus. You can pay dues all at once ($30 for the year) or in part ($15 per semester). Either way, dues are due by the 2nd Friday in October for first semester (the 10th to be exact). Second semester dues are due by February 6th, 2009.

If you are in the Howard network on Facebook, please join our Facebook group. If you're not in the Howard network on Facebook, save this page in your bookmarks so that you can always be updated. Lookout for more blogs in the (very) near future.

Peace & Love,
Chair of Diversity, Education, & Art